Sorority women who competed for the Miss America 2015 crown were:

Miss Alabama – Caitlin Brunell, Phi Mu, University of Alabama*

Miss Alaska – Malie Delgado, Alpha Sigma Alpha, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Miss Arkansas – Ashton Campbell, Chi Omega, University of Arkansas

Miss California – Marina Inserra, Delta Zeta, San Diego State University

Miss Delaware – Brittany Lewis, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Temple University

Miss District of Columbia – Teresa Davis, Kappa Alpha Theta, University of Georgia

Miss Florida – Victoria Cowen, Kappa Delta, Florida State University**

Miss Georgia – Maggie Bridges, Alpha Delta Pi, Georgia Institute of Technology

Miss Kansas – Amanda Sasek, Alpha Sigma Alpha, University of Central Missouri.

Miss Louisiana – Lacey Sanchez, Phi Mu, Southeastern Louisiana/Louisiana State 

Miss Maryland – Jade Kenny, Alpha Delta Pi, University of Alabama

Miss Nebraska – Megan Swanson, Alpha Sigma Tau, Belmont University

Miss Pennsylvania – Amanda Smith, Alpha Delta Pi, Florida State University

Miss Rhode Island – Ivy Depew, Delta Gamma, University of Memphis

Miss South Carolina – Lanie Hudson, Alpha Delta Pi, Clemson University

Miss Tennessee – Hayley Lewis, Phi Mu, Belmont University

Miss Texas Monique Evans, Alpha Delta Pi, University of Texas

Miss Vermont – Lucy Edwards, Delta Delta Delta, University of Vermont.

Miss Washington – Kailee Dunn, Gamma Phi Beta, Eastern Washington University

After Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America, the first runner up of the Miss New York competition became Miss New York. She is Jillian Tapper, Alpha Delta Pi from Florida State University.

*Caitlin’s grandmother, Sherrie Pendley Liebsack, is a Pi Phi and she serves as a Pi Beta Phi Foundation Ambassador. And I just found out that Caitlin’s mom is a Pi Phi, too!
** Miss Florida Elizabeth Fentchel, Alpha Delta Pi, University of Florida was disqualified after she had been named the winner.

The For information on former Miss Americas who are sorority women, please see http://wp.me/p20I1i-zK. For information about the 2014 pageant, see http://wp.me/P20I1i-SQ. For the results of Miss America 2015, see http://wp.me/p20I1i-1Q4


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