Celebrating the Good Work of GLO Members!

Happy 2018! My resolution is to keep telling the stories of GLO members. Today’s post highlights some of the social media posts of the last week.

Condolences to the family of Zackari Parrish, the Douglas County, Colorado, deputy who was killed on a New Year’s Eve day in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Among the officers wounded was a Pi Beta Phi member, Taylor Davis. May she and the others injured in the shooting recover quickly.


Congratulations to Hota Kotb, Delta Delta Delta on her new gig on TODAY!  She and co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, Pi Beta Phi, are an impressive NPC Duo! Guthrie was also a P.E.O. Scholar Award recipient.


Congratulations, too, to Dana Gresham, Alpha Phi Alpha, who was appointed the Chief of Staff to Doug Jones, Beta Theta Pi and Alabama’s new Senator.


Congratulations to the University of Central Florida football team for their win in the Peach Bowl. Here’s a post from Phi Delta Theta. I suspect there may be other fraternity men on the team.


How wonderful that these three fraternity men share an Alma Mater and a great love for their own fraternities, members of the Miami Triad, the three fraternities founded at Miami University!


Here’s a smattering of the posts celebrating good deeds done by GLO members.


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