Random Thoughts on Boxing Day

An Iowa State Kappa Kappa Gamma set off a chain reaction among the sorority women at Iowa State and it served as a reminder why the power of sorority women is so potent

Kevin Hunsperger, a charter member of the Sigma Nu chapter at Southeast Missouri State University, along with pal Tom Harness, has been wearing the same ugly Christmas suit all season. They are raising funds for  Children’s Home and Aide Society located in Herrin, Illinois and serving all of Southern Illinois.

After one of my last posts, a reader alerted me to thefact that Alpha Phi Omega does indeed still hold conventions between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Alpha Phi Omega’s National Convention will take place in Austin, Texas, a year from now, December 27-30, 2018.

Today is the date upon which Phi Delta Theta was founded. I wrote about it two years ago, so if you missed it, here it is. The link also includes information about the only Phi Delt who was also a member of Delta Gamma.

In case you hadn’t heard, there are more than 1,000 posts on this site, about all sorts of GLO history. The search box on the right is terrific at bringing up old posts about any GLO. A helpful reminder is to include the GLO name in quotes to narrow the selection down to the GLO in question.

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