A 50th for Sigma Chi and a 100th for 2Cool4School

My friend Jane is an amazing woman. She is creative, loyal, fun to be around, thoughtful, and I could go on and on, but she is humble beyond belief, so I will stop there. Jane’s blog, 2Cool4School, is delightful. Her 26-year-old son has autism and is non-verbal. Jane’s blog is about the learning at home program she created and continues to create. I’ve learned so much from reading her blog posts. Here is Jane’s response to a question about her program:

1) Do you really do this study thing EVERY night? Yes! 
     –  If my son didn’t like what we are doing, he would firmly escort me out of the room, and that would be the end of that. 
     –  My son’s daytime regimented agenda keeps him content and occupied, but offers no intellectual growth.  I am not sure I could be okay with this.  I want him to have an opportunity for intellectual growth EVERY DAY.

She recently celebrated her 100th post. Please take a look at her wonderful work. (P.S. Jane is a Pi Phi.)



I stumbled on this video the other day and it touched my heart. It’s about the Zeta Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi at Texas A&M University – Commerce, but it could be about hundreds of other chapters. Founders never ever make it to the Centennial. Therefore, it is extra special to have them at the 50th anniversary and to have their reflections and recollections preserved for prosperity.

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