Passing Along Authentic Confidence à la Erin Fischer

If you knew me, you’d know that I hate shopping for cars. I don’t care what I am driving, just that it gets me to where I am going in relative comfort. The air conditioning in my car went out last week and that just won’t do in humid southern Illinois. I spent several hours this morning getting the AC fixed. The repair shop is out in the country, a family-owned establishment with a bench outside and a pleasant view. I haven’t been there in a while. The last time I was there, I remember reading about Leland Stanford, Jr.’s mother and her wish to honor the memory of her son with a university. That was when I was writing my dissertation in a day before information was available with a few keystrokes. 

I took a book with me this time, too. It’s a book I purchased recently at the Pi Phi Convention. The book, Radically Unfinished: One Woman’s Project to Find Authentic, Uncomplicated Confidence, was written by Erin Fischer, a Phi Mu who is always welcome among the Pi Phis. She’s spoken at Pi Phi conventions, officer workshops, and had a major hand in creating the Leadership Institute which debuted last summer. She has also keynoted at many GLO events and is in demand for her genuine and far-reaching messages.

From the “A Big Reminder” page in Fischer’s book:

I have been drawn to this topic for years, and I am honored to share my journey with you. My hope is that you use your new knowledge and authentic confidence, but also you pass it on to the other women in your life who need authentic confidence, too. Please, I beg you, don’t let the topic rest just with you in your own space. Talk about it, debate it, ruminate on it, let it rattle in your brain, and then, pay it forward. Help another woman find her authentic confidence so she can do more in the world than she ever imagined.

My view as I read this book while waiting for my car to be repaired.

The book is an enjoyable, worthwhile, and thought-provoking read. For information on obtaining your own copy see

Erin Fischer at the 2017 Pi Beta Phi convention with her Pi Phi friends Brittany White and Sis Mullis.

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