June 28 – A Day Shared by Sigma Chi and Sigma Tau Gamma

June 28 is the founding date of two fraternities. Sigma Chi was founded in 1855 at Miami University in Miami, Ohio. It is one of the Miami Triad. Sigma Tau Gamma was founded in 1920 at Central Missouri State Teachers College, now the University of Central Missouri, in Warrenton, Missouri. 

Milton “Milt” Caniff joined Sigma Chi in 1930 while a student at Ohio State University. In addition to his Steve Canyon and Terry and the Pirates comic strips, he occasionally provided illustrations for his fraternity’s publications. There were often mentions of Sigma Chi in his comic strips.

The Sigma Chi founders at the founding as done by Caniff.

This wonderful film was produced in the 1930s. In 1937, Caniff was named a Significant Sig. He was in the second class of Significant Sigs. In the 1935 inaugural class of Significant Sigs was John T. McCutcheon, Purdue 1889, the artist to whom Caniff refers in the video clip.

Sigma Tau Gamma recently announced that it will be moving its headquarters from Warrensburg, Missouri, where the fraternity was founded. In early 2018, the fraternity and the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation and WPN National Housing Company hope to be settled in Indianapolis, Indiana. My Pi Phi friend Jill Mackey is the Associate Director of WPN Housing. She was missed at the Pi Phi convention this past week, but she was busy with her job duties. I wish her and her colleagues a Happy Founders’ Day and a smooth move to Indy.

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