A Weekend Sharing Sisterhood

January is a popular time for Greek-Letter Organizations (GLOs) to hold workshops for incoming chapter officers. Pi Phi’s College Weekend started on Friday. 

There are two Hyatt hotels at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. As I was waiting for my roommate to pick me up and take me to a lunch with old friends, I remembered the weekend that was spent with P.E.O. friends at one of the airport Hyatts. At a large table in an upper floor conference room with soundproof windows, we discussed, agonized, challenged each other, and formulated a plan while watching planes take off and land. I smiled as I thought of that weekend and those special friends.

Aside from the Friday afternoon trip to a wonderful French cafe, the entire College Weekend was spent in windowless rooms; I never once noticed the lack of sunshine. I was among dear old friends, although some of them I had just met. They were my sunshine!*

My experience was not unique. I am fairly certain the same thing was happening at other GLO chapter officer events all across the country. I hope all who attended these various weekend events will take to heart the lessons they learned. May they work on making the good better and the better best.**

My friend, the Chi Omega Archivist Lyn Harris, took a trip to visit the Chi Omega chapter at Mizzou. There she participated in a very special initiation. Emma Millard is a descendant of Chi Omega founder Jobelle Holcombe. In Lyn’s own words:

Miss Jobelle never married, so all of her relatives who are Chi Omegas are nieces. Emma Millard is 5th generation. Her sister Ellis and her mom Ellen were both National Model Initiates at Convention 2014 and 1988. Grandmother Mary Gardener was also in attendance this weekend. I hand carried Jobelle’s badge to be used in the ceremony as well as Jobelle’s Founders Ring, which I put on a chain for the chapter president to wear. The family gave Emma 121 white carnations, representing every year their family has been a part of Chi Omega.



How wonderful for Emma and her family. Miss Jobelle is smiling down on you all!

Emma Millard with her sister, mother, and grandmother

* A special shout out to Hope at West Virginia University. Even though you weren’t there, you brought me some sunshine, too. And you, too, Jessie! I know that was the first of many conversations we will have.

** And let’s hope that some of those GLO chapter officers who don’t get it left with a better picture of expectations and may those few make the mediocre good.

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