Bogus Greek Life Statistics and Condolences

It’s August 1. I will fully admit I am not sure how we arrived at this date or what happened to June and July. It was just Memorial Day the day before yesterday and we were in Pennsylvania, touring the hallowed GLO ground of Washington and Jefferson College. Smack dab and it’s now the dawning of another academic year.

The twitter feed is full of “it’s almost recruitment” posts. It’s also a ripe time for the “if it’s on the internet somewhere, it must be true” posts about the benefits of fraternity and sorority life.

Exhibit A – 

I am not sure this is still on the cited address.

This appeared on twitter within the last week.

Here are the current statistics from the NIC website (

  • Greeks in 112th US Congress: 42 Senators (42%), 101 Congressmen (23%)
  • Greeks in 113th US Congress: 39 Senators (39%), 106 Congressmen (24%)
  • 50% of the Top 10 Fortune 500 CEOs are fraternity men; 15% of Fortune 100 CEOs are Greek
  • 44% of all US Presidents have been members of a social fraternity
  • 31% of all US Supreme Court Justices have been fraternity alumni

I dare someone to do the research that would take to compute the 63% of all U.S. Cabinet members since 1900 factoid. I have no doubt that there was a year in time when it was a correct number, but I suspect it was a long time ago, perhaps when the grandparents, or even great-grandparents of today’s potential new members were just young ones themselves. 

As for the astronaut statistics, see Short story – Sally Ride was at Stanford when there were no NPC organizations there. And as for Apollo 11, only Neil Armstrong was a fraternity man. His Phi Delta Theta badge did indeed travel to the moon with him. For the debunking of other GLO myths see

The graphic which appears above includes its source. However, a trip to the url produces this screen.

The graphic which appears above included its source. However, a trip to the url produced this screen.


A reader of this blog sent me a link to the obituary of Dr. Thomas Spotswood Glazebrook Jr., a Columbia, South Carolina physician, whose funeral was held yesterday. “Spots” as he was affectionately known, according to the obituary, was the great-grandson of Otis Allan Glazebook, one of the three founders of Alpha Tau Omega. Dr. Glazebrook was an initiate of the ATO chapter at the University of South Carolina. The obituary noted, “In lieu of flowers and memorials, if one wishes to honor the life of Dr. Glazebrook, his family suggests that a selfless act be done for a person in need.” Condolences to the family, friends and ATO brothers of Dr. Glazebrook.


This sad news is from the Sigma Phi Epsilon facebook page. Michael Lopez’s girlfriend survived the shooting by her former boyfriend and is in critical condition. My prayers for all involved.

It is with a heavy heart that we bring the news of the death of our undergraduate brother Michael Lopez, Florida International ’17.

He was shot and killed on July 30th. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and chapter brothers during this time.

May the red rose serve as an expression of our enduring fraternal love for our departed brother. ‪#‎VDBL‬ ‪#‎SigEpStrong‬


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