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Getting collegiate GLO members hooked on history is an important part in getting them to be life long loyal members. Understanding that the organization spans generations and is greater than one chapter on one campus is heady stuff for a college student whose world has basically revolved around him/her for his/her entire life. Becoming a member of a GLO entails responsibilities and obligations, many of which will be quite new to some of the members.

Zeta Tau Alpha’s National Leadership Conference “Striving for Greatness” is underway in Indianapolis. A tour of ZTA’s Headquarters was part of the activities. The ZTA Archivist, Patti Cords Levitte, put together some wonderful displays for the participants to view while touring the building.

Part of the ZTA Founders' display.

The ZTA Founders’ display

Mentioning Zeta Tau Alpha reminds me of a delightful ZTA who works in Pi Beta Phi’s HQ. She’s a George Mason University alumna. I’ve already shown her the letter signed by ZTA National President Dr. May Agness Hopkins that we have in the Pi Beta Phi Archives. Gabbie recently experienced her first Pi Phi Convention and here’s a tweet from that experience. She also writes a blog. It’s at

So cool to see ‘s banner tonight at convention. All about that love!

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A new facebook page, This Day in DEKE History, has debuted. It is at

July 9, 1956
Dick Clark (Phi Gamma-Syracuse University) became the full time host on a show later renamed American Bandstand. American Bandstand was first aired nationally on August 5, 1957. On that day, Brother Clark interviewed Elvis Presley. American Bandstand was a major success, running daily Monday through Friday until 1963, and then weekly on Saturdays until 1987.

This Day in Deke History's photo.

The DKE facebook page joins some of my favorite and most enlightening twitter feeds for learning more about GLO History:


Jul 2

New Jersey Gov. Woodrow Wilson, Virginia Alpha 1879, nominated 7/2/1912 as Democratic Party candidate for President.

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Jul 3Chattanooga, TN

The badge of 2013-15 Jean Mrasek & the NPC Delegate badge

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@PiPhiHistorian (me!),

Mar 2

On the badge Grace Goodhue Coolidge wore as a student at the University of Vermont

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and @PhiGamArchives.

5/18/1893 First Pig Dinner held at the University of California; today it is an international tradition.

History also appears on GLO’s HQ twitter feeds:

May 15

What was campus like for our Founders? Here’s in 1874. at .

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In 2009, Anh Cao made history as the First Vietnamese-American to serve in Congress in 2009 – 2011.

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One of the most awesome Triangle gavels ever made. Great job VCU!

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Jun 23

Theta archive received 1922-1923 image of from 2 members!

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21JUN2001: Brother US Merchant Marine WWII Vet John “Carroll” O’Connor passed away

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Famous Beta Fri: James K. Patterson, Hanover 1856, is the longest serving univ. president in U.S. history (Kentucky).
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Jun 6

After parachuting into France on , Beta Eta/‘s Ben Vandervoort continued to lead despite a broken ankle.

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Jun 4

to 1939 when Alpha Delta Theta made the surprise announcement at Congress they were merging w !

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Jun 23

This June marks the 90th Anniversary of THE ANCHOR, our National Magazine! Learn more here:

May 26

Significant Sig John Wayne, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1929, would have turned 108 today. All honor to his name.

May 26

… Celebrating with this look into the archives


Congratulations to:

Summer Priester, an Alpha Delta Pi, was recently crowned Miss United States (not to be confused with Miss USA).

13h13 hours ago

I am so in love with this!!! Extremely blessed & proud to be a part of AΔΠ and to have the support of my sisters!!

and Andreia Gibau, Alpha Sigma Alpha, the new Miss Teen United States.

12h12 hours ago

Follow the journey of the new Miss Teen United States, AΣA Andreia Gibau, Gamma Phi Chapter!


Andreia Gibau

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