Sorority Women Who Competed – An Alpha Phi is Miss USA 2015

Congratulations, Miss Oklahoma USA, Olivia Jordan, an Alpha Phi (Boston University), who was recently crowned Miss USA 2015!! update 12/20/2015. She won second runner up in the Miss USA 2016 competition!

These sorority women competed in the Miss USA 2015 competition:

Miss Alabama USA, Madison Guthrie, Alpha Omicron Pi, University of Alabama

Miss Arkansas USA, Leah Blefko, Zeta Tau Alpha, University of Arkansas

Miss Florida USA, Ashleigh Lollie, Kappa Delta, University of Florida

Miss Georgia USA, Brooke Fletcher, Phi Mu, Auburn University

Miss Indiana USA, Gretchen Reese, Alpha Phi, Butler University

Miss Minnesota USA, Brookley Wofford, Phi Mu, University of Mississippi

Miss Mississippi USA, Courtney Byrd, Phi Mu, University of Mississippi

Miss Missouri USA, Rebecca Dunn, Kappa Alpha Theta, University of Missouri

Miss North Carolina USA, Julia Dalton, Kappa Delta, High Point University

Miss Oklahoma USA, Olivia Jordan, Alpha Phi, Boston University

Miss South Dakota USA, Lexy Schenk, Pi Beta Phi, University of South Dakota

Miss Tennessee USA, Kiara Young, Delta Sigma Theta

Miss West Virginia USA, Andrea Mucino, Alpha Omicron Pi, West Virginia University

Miss Wyoming USA, Caroline Scott, Gamma Phi Beta, Creighton University


Sorority women who have won Miss USA (and Miss Universe):

Miss Universe, Miss USA 1956 – Carol Morris, Kappa Alpha Theta, Miss Iowa USA (second Miss USA to win Miss Universe)

Miss USA 1958Eurlyne Howell (later Arlene Howell), Zeta Tau Alpha, Miss Louisiana USA

Miss Universe, Miss USA 1967 – Sylvia Hitchcock, Chi Omega, Miss Alabama USA

Miss Universe, Miss USA 1980 – Shawn Weatherly, Delta Delta Delta, Miss South Carolina USA

Miss USA 1982 – Terri Utley [Amos-Britt], Alpha Sigma Tau, Miss Arkansas USA

Miss USA 1988 – Courtney Gibbs, Pi Beta Phi, Miss Texas USA

Miss USA 1991 – Kelli McCarty, Gamma Phi Beta, Miss Kansas USA

Miss USA 1994 – Frances Louise “Lu” Parker, Alpha Delta Pi, Miss South Carolina USA

Miss USA 1996 – Ali Landry, Kappa Delta, Miss Louisiana USA

Miss USA 2003 – Susie Castillo, Kappa Delta, Miss Massachusetts USA

Miss USA 2008  – Crystle Stewart, Delta Sigma Theta, Miss Texas USA

Miss USA 2015 – Olivia Jordan, Alpha Phi, Miss Oklahoma USA


If you know of other sorority women who have won Miss USA, please let me know.


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