3.14 = Pi Day, a Silver Medal, and a ΔΓ-ΦΔΘ Connection

Spring break’s coming to a close. The few days in the warmth and sun were fun, especially after our cold and miserable winter. The lack of internet access had a few of us foaming at the mouth. The afternoon we took over a McDonalds with our power strip and electronic devices scattered all over the corner table will likely earn us “do not serve these people ever again” status. And I am sure the Target Starbucks folks will talk about the family who came in after dinner one night and stayed until closing. So what if they shut the lights off. We could work by the glow of our computer screens. Group editing a cover letter is the Becque Brain Trust’s idea of a good time.

Much has happened in the short time I’ve been away from cyberspace.

Today is Pi Day, March 14 – or 3.14 in mathematical talk.  Pi’s most significant digits are 3, 1, and 4. Next year, the date will have even more significance with a once in a 100 year event; on  3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., the date and time will represent the first 10 digits of π. Physicist Larry Shaw organized the first official large scale celebration of Pi Day at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988. Greek-letter organizations with Pi in their name, like to make note of this of this event. Happy Pi Day!

Congratulations are in order to Phi Sigma Sigma Paralympian Tatyana McFadden on her Silver medal  in the 1km Sprint. She has won medals in both the summer and winter Paralympic games.  

Tatyana McFadden, Phi Sigma Sigma

Tatyana McFadden, Phi Sigma Sigma

Tomorrow, March 15, is the day on which both Delta Gamma and Phi Delta Theta celebrate Founders’ Day. It is the birthday of Phi Delta Theta founder Robert Morrison. The organization was founded on December 26, 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Morrison proposed the organization; along with John McMillan Wilson, he chose the name of the fraternity. The other founders are Robert Thompson Drake, John Wolfe Lindley, Ardivan Walker Rodgers, and Andrew Watts Rogers.

Delta Gamma was founded at the Oxford Female Institute, also known as the Lewis School, at Oxford, Mississippi. The school was established before the Civil War and eventually was absorbed by the University of Mississippi. Delta Gamma’s founders, Eva Webb [Dodd], her cousin Anna Boyd [Ellington], and Mary Comfort [Leonard], all from Kosciusko, Mississippi, were weather-bound at the school over the Christmas holidays in December of 1873.

The principal hosted the girls for the holidays. Her son was a fraternity man at the University of Mississippi. He and the women’s other gentlemen friends may have imbued the girls with the idea to start their own Greek-letter society.

Founder Eva Webb Dodd later told this story: “When the idea first came to three homesick girls during the Christmas holidays of 1873 to found fraternity or club as we then called it, little did we realize that we were laying the cornerstone of such a grand fraternity as Delta Gamma. The school we attended at Oxford, Miss., was not much more advanced than a high school of today. During the week we decided on our motto and selected the Greek letters to represent it. We did not know that there were any other fraternities for girls in the United States known by Greek letters when we gave our club its name. We spent the holidays deciding on our pin and initiation and writing our constitution. In January 1874, we had our first initiation. We initiated four girls. The initiation was in one of the rooms of the house where we were boarding. We were careful to select only the girls we thought would be in sympathy with us and make our fraternity worthy of its name.”

Delta Gamma’s Founders’ Day is celebrated on March 15 because on that date in 1879, the Eta Chapter at Akron University was founded. Coincidentally, it was a man, Phi Delta Theta George Banta, who took Delta Gamma to the northern states. That story of George Banta, Phi Delta Theta and Delta Gamma, is told in another post at http://wp.me/p20I1i-AS.

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