Fraternity Men Who Have Won Medals at the Winter Olympics

The following fraternity men have won medals at the Winter Olympics. In looking at this list, I can’t help but think that there are some terrific stories behind these names and associations.

If there are any fraternity men competing in Sochi, or if I have missed any fraternity member who has won a medal at an Olympic game, please let me know.


1920 – Jerry Geran, Chi Phi, Silver Medal

1924 – Justin McCarthy, Phi Sigma Kappa, Silver Medal

1932 – John Bent, Delta Psi, Silver Medal

1932 – Doug Everett, Sigma Chi, Silver Medal

1932 – Frank Nelson, Psi Upsilon, Silver Medal

1932 – Winthrop Palmer, Psi Upsilon, Silver Medal

1936 – Frank Spain, Kappa Epsilon, Bronze Medal

1952 – Arnie Oss, Jr., Alpha Delta Phi, Silver Medal

1952 – Don Whiston, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Silver Medal

1956 – Richard Dougherty, Phi Gamma Delta, Silver Medal

1956 – Willard Ikola, Sigma Chi, Silver Medal

1956 – John Matchefts, Sigma Chi, Silver Medal

1972 – Craig Sarner, Phi Gamma Delta, Silver Medal


Bobsleigh or as it is more commonly known, Bobsled

1928 – Geoffrey Mason, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gold Medal

1928 – Nion Tucker, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gold Medal

1932 – Eddie Eagan, Beta Theta Pi, Gold Medal

1932 – Curtis Stevens, Delta Phi, Gold Medal

1948 – Ed Rimkus, Beta Theta Pi, Gold Medal

1956 – Arthur Tyler, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bronze Medal

1956 – Charles Butler, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bronze Medal

2002 – Todd Hays, Pi Kappa Alpha, Silver Medal


Figure Skating

1956 – Hayes Alan Jenkins, Sigma Nu, Gold Medal

1956 – David Jenkins, Phi Delta Theta, Bronze Medal

1960 – David Jenkins, Phi Delta Theta, Gold Medal

(Hayes and David Jenkins are brothers. David was one of the first skaters to perform a triple Axel. The Sigma Nu blog has a terrific article at


Speed Skating

1932 – Jack Shea, Psi Upsilon, 2 Gold Medals


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