Off on Tangents – Zarzoliers and a Photo on eBay

Last night, I received an e-mail question and a facebook message. Both set me off on some research and led me to write this post.

The first question was about a member of the Pi Phi chapter at Ohio State. The member in question graduated a century ago. The GLO magazines of that era all contained chapter letters. It was a way for members to know about the events taking place in their chapter and in chapters all over the country. I contend that these chapter letters in the GLO magazines helped created a collegiate culture. I’ve already written about the mentions of homecoming in early GLO magazines.

This Arrow of Pi Beta Phi entry from a March 1916 issue warmed my heart. The Pi Phi who wrote this talked first about the new NPC chapter on campus and then wrote about the Panhellenic bazaar, an early joint fundraising effort.

Chapter correspondent Ruth Spankle wrote this about her chapter’s activities:

I can scarcely  realize that it is time to write you again, as the weeks pass so quickly – and really nothing of great importance has happened to Ohio B since the last edition of THE ARROW. One thing however will be of interest to all fraternity girls! Alpha Xi Delta has been granted a chapter here, making the ninth national women’s fraternity at Ohio State. The week after the chapter was granted, Alpha Xi Delta held open house at Baker Hall, the new dormitory, all the organizations and friends being invited to meet the national officers and out·of-town members of Alpha Xi Delta as well as the new girls themselves.

Our Panhellenic bazaar, which I mentioned before, was held the week before Christmas vacation and was quite a success. It was given in the Woman’s Union and the booths were of various kinds. Each women’s fraternity had a booth and decorated it according to the things sold there – Pi Phi had the baby booth and trimmed it with tiny baby Kewpies. The proceeds from the bazaar amounted to about one hundred dollars ($100), which went into the loan fund for girls who are helping themselves through college. (The $100 the chapter raised in 1915 would be equivalent to raising more than $2,200 today.)

The middle of February a musical comedy “Zarzoliers” written by one of the students is to be given at one of the down town theaters. Several Pi Phis are in the cast and they report that the music is very clever and pretty and the whole thing is going to be a huge success.*

Last week was the first tryout for the Strollers’ Dramatic society and two of our girls received a perfect score (100%). They have still another try-out to pass but as there are only two other who received a perfect score, we are very proud of them.

The various organizations are beginning to plan for the formal dances. Kappas have already had theirs, and several come in the near future, ours will be the seventh of April at the Elk’s Hall which is very new and one of the prettiest in the city. As the time is so far away no definite plans have been made, save as to the place and date.

Just now we are all thinking about examinations which begin next week and everyone is studying hard. The girls have all been working faithfully and we hope to start the new semester with a clean slate and bigger ambitions.

*The Zarzoliers seemed to be the name of the troupe of actors. This is from the Alpha Phi Quarterly of January 1916 in an entry written by a member of the chapter at OSU, “Three of us have been very busy for many weeks rehearsing for Dreamer ‘o Dreams a musical comedy presented by Zarzoliers on February 11 and 12 at the Southern Theatre. Mary Swann and Helen Wood were members of the chorus and Fanny Arms had a lead as chaperon in which she made a decided hit with her original song A Chaperon Is Useless After All.” The comedy was written by Paul Weber Austin and Lee G. Hinslea.

This is from The Anchora of Delta Gamma of April 1916. The comedy seemed to have a cast of NPC women, “On February 11 and 12 the Zarzoliers presented The Dreamer of Dreams, a musical comedy written by Paul Austin an Ohio State student. Gladys Wildermouth, a junior, had first lead and Bertha Holtkamp, a pledge of a month, had second lead. On Saturday noon February 12, the active girls gave a luncheon at Lazarus Tearoom in honor of Elsie Grove, Carrie Zentmeyer, Ruth Wilhelm, and Marie Stohl, all of the class of 15, after which they attended the matinee performance of Dreamer of Dreams in a body.

The February 1917 Sundial, a student magazine, had this cryptic message,  “Where, oh, where, have the Zarzoliers gone? Last year, they adopted a pretty name, had a good show with tuneful music, and there was every indication that the organization would thrive and survive the onslaughts of professional musical comedy which annually beset Columbus. Even up to the latter part of last semester, symptoms of activity were evident in the forms of tryouts and rehearsals. There surely are several bright and promising Victor IIerberts and Florenz Zeigields in the polyglot of our student body who could inject the necessary tabasco into the project. We don’t know or care whose if anyone’s fault it is that the lusty infant organization has a bad case of the pip, but we would like to hear of someone applying a mustard plaster.” (Phi Kappa Psi James Thurber was on the editorial board of the 1917 Sundial.

The Pi Beta Phi members at the Ohio State University, circa 1911, a few years before the chapter report was written. Notice the headbands!

The Pi Beta Phi members at the Ohio State University, circa 1911, a few years before the chapter report was written. Notice the headbands!


A Delta Gamma friend messaged me last night, “Look what is on ebay – GREAT photo – look at zoom photo for crisp detail” The auction is titled, “Vintage Victorian Photo, Portrait, Print- 1900- Graduation Girl at Bucknell.” It is a cabinet photo and the description of the item is “1900 photo from Bucknell Univ in PA.  so pretty.  with a sorority or academic pin.  no tears or flaws I can see.” The woman is wearing a Pi Beta Phi badge.

The Pi Beta Phi chapter at Bucknell University was chartered in 1895 and two of the charter members achieved special prominence. The first was Mary Bartol (Theiss), a writer who went on to serve the Fraternity in many ways. The second was Mary Belle Harris, who after a long career in teaching, went on to serve as the first female warden in a federal prison. I am not sure if this is a photo of either of these women. 

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Who Tells Our GLO Story?

It seems Americans have become very polarized. Or maybe it’s just because social media has provided a very large stage to pontificate. When someone we dislike/disagree with/despise does or says something which we do not agree with, it’s a major transgression and a cause for swift punishment. When someone we like/agree with/admire does something of equal weight, there is a tendency to offer leniency or some slack/understanding/empathy because their “intentions were good.” 

The Greek-letter organization (GLO) world is one in which there are polar opposite views with little ground for those in the middle. It seems that GLOs are either loved or despised. Click on the comment section of any internet article having to do with fraternities or sororities (never mind that the articles are usually negative in themselves). It’s hard to believe the amount of  hatred for our organizations which is spewed in those comments. There are those who believe that if our organizations were banned from every college campus, collegiate life would be absolutely rosy and perfect. (See for the debate that was going about GLOs more than 100 years ago.)

Lyrics from the musical "Hamilton," written by Lin-Manual Miranda, done in modern calligraphy by Simone Becque

Lyrics from the musical “Hamilton,” written by Lin-Manual Miranda, done in modern calligraphy by Simone Becque.

The stories of our Greek-letter organizations are interesting. All too often, members only know the story of their own GLO and relatively little about the other GLOs. While we all like to think that our organization is the best of the best and that in the competition between all the groups ours is the winner, the truth is that we are much more alike than different. Moreover, to the world at large we are all the same. For better or worse, we are family. When one chapter of one GLO screws up, we all take the blame.

Is every chapter of every GLO perfect in every way? Absolutely not. The collegiate chapters of our organizations are run, for the most part, by 18-22 year olds who come and go as if by revolving door. They enter the organization usually knowing very little about it or the expectations of Greek life. Advisors and HQ staff educate the membership about leadership, nurture them in their leadership decisions and help them learn valuable lessons; these experiences are but a few of the benefits of Greek life. Errors will be made. Hopefully there will be lessons learned through those challenges and their failures or successes.

From my twitter feed, it’s evident that there were many good works done by GLOs this past weekend. Community clean-ups seemed to be popular.

Proud of our brothers for helping clean up the campus after a busy homecoming weekend.

Embedded image permalink

Yesterday we were privileged to serve w/ EWB, and the brothers of !

Embedded image permalink

Braved the rain for Greeks clean the streets this afternoon!

Embedded image permalink

12h12 hours ago

we had over 500 students attend the homecoming clean up! thank you to those that helped out!   (the picture wasn’t cooperative in moving it to this blog).

The brothers had a great time this weekend volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club annual KidsAuction!

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It’s Never Not Hazing!

When is hazing not hazing? It’s never not hazing, but apparently when professional sports teams do it, it doesn’t matter. “Rookie Dress Up Day”? Come on professional sportsmen, let’s stop the hazing!

PhiPsiPhunPhacts Retweeted SportsCenter

Remember: “but the Cubs do it” won’t save your chapter.

PhiPsiPhunPhacts added,

 And another instance has just hit my twitter feed –  

This post from the Scary Mommy blog resonated with many woman. Kudos too Delta Zeta Melissa L. Fenton for writing it.

Joke All You Want, But My Sorority Days Were Golden


It was almost 25 years ago this fall that I pledged a sorority… (For the rest of the post see



That damn mum sale is over! On Tuesday, nearly 400 mums were delivered to our home at 6 a.m. in the dark and rain. When I ordered the mums two weeks ago, we had about 150 of the minimum order unsold. On Tuesday morning, we placed the 50 or so that were unspoken for on another section of the lawn and by Tuesday evening, almost all were gone. The Rotary Club of Carbondale – Breakfast will be presenting a check to the Carbondale Boys and Girls Club for more than $1,200. Kudos to my husband Dan who had to listen to me worry about the unsold mums, knowing full well he might soon be the proud owner of 100 mums. Many thanks, too, to the club members who followed me in this first ever mum sale and made it work. 

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Condolences, Congratulations, and Kudos

Condolences to the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at Pennsylvania State University. On Sunday, September 27, 2015, sophomore Vitalya “Tally” Sepot died at the scene in a one-car roll-over accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The seven students in the car were Alpha Chi Omega and Tau Kappa Epsilon members who were returning from a trip to raise funds for THON, PSU’s student philanthropy. The other six students in the car were taken to the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with the chapter and family members as well as the PSU THON community.

THON is the PSU IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. From its beginning in 1977, the event has raised more than $127 million for the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Teams solicit funds in many ways, but a tried and true way is by canister solicitation, “canning.” Last weekend was the first of three official canning weekends. THON 2016 will take place February 19-21, 2016. Below is a photo from the chapter’s twitter feed of the memorial service held yesterday evening. (For additional information about the memorial service see

Embedded image permalink


Happy Founders Day to Delta Kappa Delta, founded in 1999 at Texas A&M University, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, founded in 1998 at UC-Davis.

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics…1 in 5 Women???

Mark Twain once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” There’s a statistic running around the GLO social media world and it bothers me on several levels. There are a slew of graphics which tout the statistic “1-in-5 college women will be the victim of sexual assault/violence” – the two terms seem to be interchangeable on these graphics. Another graphic touted that same statistic but used the word “sorority” in front of “women.” It sounded as if being in a sorority was the deciding factor in being a victim of sexual assault/violence, in the same way that the statistic makes it sound like being enrolled in college is a deciding factor in one’s vulnerability. National crime statistics dispute the fact that a college campus is more dangerous than any other place. A college-age woman who is not enrolled in higher education has a greater chance of being the victim of sexual assault/violence than one who is on a college campus. However, that fact never makes it into the graphic.

1-in-5? I am not making light of the subject and my heart goes out to anyone who has been the victim of a sexual assault/violence. I think one woman who suffers is one too many. What the statistics don’t state is that in most instances (75-80%), the victim knows the attacker. Moreover, most of the incidents involve alcohol or other drug impairment. Staying sober and aware is likely the best method of preventing sexual assault/violence. Let’s put that in a graphic, please.

The original internet survey from which the data were extrapolated had a 43% response rate from 5446 undergraduates at two institutions. In a December 14, 2014, Time magazine article, the authors of the study, Christopher Krebs and Christine Lindquist, stated, “First and foremost, the 1-in-5 statistic is not a nationally representative estimate of the prevalence of sexual assault, and we have never presented it as being representative of anything other than the population of senior undergraduate women at the two universities where data were collected—two large public universities, one in the South and one in the Midwest.”

Another study conducted by the Association of American Universities, came up with a 1-in-4 statistic. However, of the 780,000 students on 27 campuses who were sent the survey, only 150,000 students completed the survey. The response rate of less than 20% is very low and likely may not be representative. It’s more likely 25% of the 20% who responded rather than 25% of the female college population.

I hope I am not the only one who is questioning these statistics and the spouting of them as gospel truth. I have very real doubts about the validity of the claims. I also take issue to giving wolf whistles, name calling, and unwanted touching the same weight as a rape at gunpoint. Does one lump paper cuts in the same category as stab wounds?


As the wife of a college professor (the first Dr. Becque), I get to hear his stories from the classroom. When this popped up in the twitter feed, I read the article.

Worth A read – so what do we do?

Then I sent him the link to this article about the decline in students being able to handle adversity; he thought it was spot on. Personally, I think it has its roots in participation trophies, but that might just be because just last week I recycled a box of old trophies that were cluttering up the basement. 

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A Weeks’s Worth of GLO News

Here are some of the articles I’ve read over the past week:

The inaugural Phillip A. Cox Volunteer Institute honors Sigma Phi Epsilon’s immediate past Grand President. Cox served from 2013-15 while at the same time battling cancer. The institute was funded during the 2015 Conclave earlier this summer (see Six institutes are planned for this fall. The first took place in Bloomington, Indiana last week. The Indiana University chapter is the chapter nearest and dearest to Cox’s heart. He was initiated into the chapter and has worked closely with it over the years since his initiation. An article from the Indiana University student newspaper talks about the chapter’s relationship to Cox.(see


Teresa Mendez has spent 30 years living in the University of Illinois Delta Gamma chapter house. As House Director, she has been a surrogate mom to hundreds of Delta Gamma members. She is the longest serving GLO house director on the University of Illinois campus. At the end of the academic year, that distinction will go to someone else. Mendez, who became an alumna initiate of Delta Gamma, will retire (see

photo 1 (14)


When the members of the Phi Kappa Psi chapter at UC Berkeley found out that the home of active member Jacob Gill was destroyed by one of the recent California wildfires, they quickly sprung into action and set up an on-line fundraising campaign. The home was also the location of the family business and the chapter knew that their brother’s college career might be in jeopardy. Gill’s father Tim is also a Phi Psi. He was initiated at California Polytechnic State University. The campaign started September 14 with a goal of $10,000. It closed eight days later with more than $16,000 collected from Phi Psi brothers and chapters across the country. The funds will be used to help pay for Jacob’s tuition, room and board expenses. (see phi psi)


Indiana State University recently honored the family of past National Panhellenic Conference Chairman (2005-07) Elizabeth “Betty” Ahlemeyer Quick, Gamma Phi Beta*. The Ahlemeyer family was the fifth family recognized for the university’s Legacy Award. The award honors multi-generational ISU alumni. Quick earned a Master’s degree from ISU. (see And in case you missed it, last year Quick was awarded Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors’ Jack L. Anson Award. (*The pot was up for about 24 hours when a Gamma Phi friend alerted me that I had neglected to include that information. I apologize for the oversight.)


2015 Indiana State University Legacy Award


Some very sad news crossed my path. Kappa Kappa Gamma’s governing council voted to sell their historic headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve written about the Snowden-Gray House and Heritage Museum of Kappa Kappa Gamma in previous posts (see and It is heartbreaking to me, a non-Kappa, to read about the sale. While I understand that it is expensive and difficult to adapt an old structure to modern purposes, I hate that the historic structure will be discarded by the organization. There are also many Kappas who are concerned about the sale. They have started an on-line petition (see

The Snowden-Gray House, Kappa Kappa Gamma's Headquarters

The Snowden-Gray House, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Headquarters


Yesterday, General Robert Neller, a Theta Chi, became the 37th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps.

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It Is Déjà Vu All Over Again!

“It’s déjà vu all over again!”  is the title of the previous post. It is a saying credited to Yogi Berra although some have said that he repeated the line and didn’t coin it. I give Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra the credit anyway because it fits his personality. Berra died yesterday at age 90 having lived a long and prosperous life. He was born in the Hill section of St. Louis, where the Italian immigrants settled. He wasn’t a fraternity man. In fact, he didn’t make it to high school, but his passion for baseball served him well.

Today the Pope is in Washington, D.C. on his tour of the United States. I have several friends who will get to see the Pope up close and personal. One of them is part of Pi Beta Phi’s National Panhellenic Conference delegation. Oriana Bertucci was initiated into the Pi Phi chapter at the University of Guelph. After graduation, she served as a Leadership Development Consultant, followed by a stint working in the organization’s headquarters in St. Louis. When a job opened up back in Canada near family, she became the Director of Ryerson University’s Catholic Campus Ministry. She’ll be seeing the Pope in Philadelphia although it is not the first time she has seen him. She could be called a Pope groupie, and I love hearing her stories about her sightings of the Pope.

Oriana Bertucci, Pi Beta Phi, courtesy of the Toronto Star (article at

Oriana Bertucci, Pi Beta Phi, courtesy of the Toronto Star (article at


I have a few fun historical posts in the works, but there are not enough hours in a day to complete them yet. Frankly, I’d forgotten how much time goes into running a one-hour Rotary Club meeting each week. Three months down, nine more to go! The mum sale (or that “damn mum sale” as I like to call it) has us at the breaking even point with 90 more mums to sell. Had every member sold 10 mums we would not be in this spot, we’d be closer to the $1,200 we are raising for a local organization. When hundreds of mum are delivered to my home next week, I hope that they will disappear quickly. Although it’s been decades since I was a sorority chapter president, the feeling is déjà vu all over again. I need to read T.J. Sullivan’s Motivating the Middle. I am grateful for the members who give 110% and truly believe in Service Above Self. The one member who sent me an email saying although she could sell the poinsettias we’ve sold each December, she could not imagine how she would sell mums. She gave it her best try and sold about 20! 

Moreover, we are weeks away from a wedding. Our daughter had planned a rustic fall at an Old Feed Store; a very big snafu put an end to that. She scrambled to find an alternate venue which has the same rustic feel. You can bet that there will be many mums decorating the church and reception venue!

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#NHPW2015 – It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again!

Working with any group of students on a college campus, be it a sports team, the French club, the jazz ensemble, or a Greek-letter organization, can be like the movie Groundhog Day. Each year the faces change, with a number of students graduating and another group joining the mix, but the same things need to be said again and again.

What if all one knew about fraternities and sororities was learned through films, television, and through the news? If that is all one knew of Greek-letter organizations, what would one expect from the experience? Would one expect wild parties, hazing, and a dumb-as-doorknobs group of friends? 

If one joined a Greek-letter organization knowing only what was viewed  and read, would one be ready for hazing or even desire to be hazed like the characters in a film? Would one even realize that there are standards and expectations about behavior, scholarship, community service and the member’s role in the college community? Would one know that letters are always being worn whether they were on one’s chest or not? Would one realize that every act would reflect on one’s organization, whether it was a good action or a bad one?

This begins National Hazing Awareness Week (#NHAW15) when Greek-letter organizations and campuses across the country promote an awareness of hazing through social media and on-campus events. Speakers have been making the rounds talking about hazing and how to spot it and change the culture when it does exist. Banners are displayed, events take place, and members sign a written pledge not to haze. 

Is hazing something that might only occur in Greek-letter organizations? No, unfortunately it is not. This morning an article on hazing within bands, those musical groups which usually perform half-time shows during football games, came across my twitter feed.

Professional sports teams seem to delight in hazing rookie players and those actions don’t seem to bring the scorn that other hazing incidents do. The media’s tendency to glamorize those incidents is unfortunate. Hazing is hazing wherever it occurs.

Each GLO is faced with the challenge of undergraduate chapters with a yearly turnover of members, a need for constant education regarding the GLO’s values, policies, and procedures, and the availability of committed and knowledgeable alumni/ae advisors. Those undergraduate members are the face of the organization on college campuses in the U.S. and Canada, although they are the members with the least knowledge of the organization. And every stupid thing they may do without thinking of the ramifications reflects poorly on the entire organization and GLO world. Our detractors do not know the Greek alphabet and to them we are all the same organization.

Hazing (hpo) was founded by Tracy Maxwell in 2007 and each year a concerted effort is made to bring awareness to hazing at the beginning of the academic year. To add a picture to the “These Hands Don’t Haze” mosaic, visit

Hank Nuwer, the author of a number of books on hazing, was a founding board of directors member of hpo. He has written extensively about hazing, but he is also a novelist and a journalism professor. The list of GLO members who perished on September 11, 2001 which I published here, has its roots in a list he hosted on his website that sad day 14 years ago. He graciously allowed me to use it as a starting point for my list. I verified each name and gathered additional names. It would have been an almost impossible task, had it not been for the “as it was happening” list that he hosted on his website.


Hank Nuwers recent novel, a work of western and historical fiction.

Hank Nuwer’s recent novel, a work of western and historical fiction.


Last week I learned of the death of Peter D. Hannaford. David Pietrusza wrote this on the  Calvin Coolidge Foundation website:

Coolidge scholar and key Reagan adviser Peter D. Hannaford died at age 82 at his Eureka, California home on September 5, 2015. His 2001 book, The Quotable Calvin Coolidge: Sensible Words for a New Century, helped set the stage for the current renaissance in Coolidge scholarship and appreciation. (for the rest of the post see

Hannaford was my late sister’s father-in-law. I met him at my sister’s wedding and at her funeral. Over lunch and dinner, while I was at my sister’s home packing up her clothing, I asked him about how when he met President Reagan and their working together. 

My condolences to Irene, his wife of 61 years, sons Richard and Donald, and grandchildren Thomas and Patricia.

The book about Ronald Reagan's formative years in Illinois was a gift from the author, my brother-in-law's father.

The book about Ronald Reagan’s formative years in Illinois was a gift from the author, my brother-in-law’s father. Ronald Reagan was a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter at Eureka College.

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Alpha Phi’s 143th and GLO Social Media Feeds

There are several GLOs which do not celebrate Founders’ Day on the actually date of founding. Alpha Phi was founded on September 18, 1872; it is stated in the minutes of Alpha chapter’s November 4, 1872 meeting. However, Alpha Phi celebrates Founders’ Day on October 10.


Here’s a link to a post about Jane Marie Bancroft Robinson, an Alpha Phi who was active in deaconess work.

Jane Bancroft Robinson

Jane Bancroft Robinson


Ellen Swain, the University of Illinois Student Life and Culture Archivist (and a recent convention initiate of Pi Beta Phi) recently wrote a blog post about some pictures which were sent to the archives. The story involves a Kappa Alpha Theta and an Alpha Sigma Phi.

Photo courtesy of UofI Student Life Archives

Paul Wieland and Diane Rutter at a Kappa Alpha Theta formal. (Photo courtesy  of U of I Student Life and Cultures Archives)



The Sigma Alpha Mu twitter feed had a touching story written by the daughter of a Sigma Alpha Mu founder. founder


John-Luc Banks, a Delta Sigma Phi at North Carolina State University, penned a heartfelt letter to students considering suicide after a student intentionally fell to his death on the campus.  suicide NCstate

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ΣX’s Merlin Olsen Day, ΦKΨ’s Constitution Day, and ΣΦE’s Trek on a Giant

Sigma Chi’s 6th Merlin Olsen Day of Service took place on Tuesday. It has been held annually on September 15 since 2010. The day honors the philanthropic spirit of Merlin Olsen, a 1962 initiate of the Sigma Chi chapter at Utah State University. Olsen played football at Utah State and then went on to become a Pro Football Hall of Fame member.


Olsen also served as a long-time spokesman for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and was also a committed Sigma Chi. He was named to the fraternity’s Order of Constantine as well as being a Significant Sig.

I was able to today by taking lunch, with my coworkers to the local police force.

Embedded image permalink


Today, September 17, is Phi Kappa Psi’s Consititution Day. It happens to fall on the United State’s Constitution Day. The U.S. Constitution Day recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution and U.S. citizens. September 17, 1787, is the day upon which the delegates to the Constitutional  Convention signed the document.

Phi Kappa Psi members are encouraged to wear their badge and fly the fraternity’s flag. Constitution Day marks the 129th anniversary of the fraternity’s undergrad-alumni shared governance.

 phi psi


The video of the day comes from the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. Sleeping Giant State Park is located near the campus. It’s called Sleeping Giant because the traprock mountain resembles to a sleeping human figure.


Joey Mullaney, a member of the chapter, suffers from Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), a debilitating, degenerative neuro-muscular disorder, and is confined to a wheelchair. The chapter members took turns carrying him to the top of the Sleeping Giant.

sig eo

On October 11, the chapter is sponsoring a 10-mile bike ride on the Farmington Canal Trail through Hamden and Cheshire. The funds raised will support FARA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to FA research.


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